Groove Campus helps to kick-start student lead fundraisers through a series of live concerts.  Our aim is to engage students to play a more active role in creating a positive future. Our mission is use the power of music, education and charity to inspire hope, joy and progress.

All schools from elementary to university level with a student population of 400 or more students are eligible to host our tour. This includes all primary, preparatory, junior high schools, technical high schools, private high schools, traditional high schools, private and public university and colleges, teacher’s and sport colleges.

School with large auditoriums or gymnasiums are preferred but Groove Campus will bring the joy of live concerts to help kick-start students fundraising efforts anywhere.

We will do our best to reach out to participating sponsors and corporate companies to support schools. However all schools are encouraged to play their part.

Groove Campus cover the cost of the production of the concert, including back line, tickets etc.  However we do not pay for advertisements in the media for specific school concerts, students are encouraged to engage other fellow students about their initiative as the schools live events are open to students only, except for Groove Open Campus which is open to the general public.

Visit our BAND page to see the musicians who lend their time to support this mission. Do you know school with an active student body who could use a musical kick-start for a fundraising project? Please use the appropriate  Application Form to nominate a school.