Natanell Francis

Producer – Cherine TV

Outreach Coordinator – The R.O.C. Foundation


Natanell joined the Cherine TV team as an intern while a lower – sixth form student at the Camperdown High School. Her dedication and exceptional attitude towards work and interacting with people landed her a full time position as Cherine’s Personal Assistant.

With a passion for music and videography she has co-produced Cherine’s smash hit video “Haffi Come Back” as well as the “In The Streets” series. A recipient of a ROC Scholarship during her high school years, she is a strong supporter of the ROC initiative and currently serves as the ROC Foundation’s Outreach Coordinator.

She is currently a Producer at Cherine TV as well as The Cherine Anderson Groove Campus Radio Show. Her other interests include reading, video editing; going to parties, planning events and whatsapping. She has the happiest smile you’ve ever encountered and treats everyone like they are worth a millions dollars.


Phone numbers:
(876) 541-5916 


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